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Frazier Nursery - Carolyn, John and Alex FrazierVisit Frazier Nursery, experience the difference!

Unlike box stores and large scale nurseries, our trees are fresh. Fresh trees are still in the ground - not balled up in burlap - making for a very healthy tree. We offer a wide selection of tree species in a variety of sizes, so we have exactly what you're looking for.

Once you arrive at Frazier Nursery, we invite you to walk around the grounds to select the exact tree you want. It is a great family activity and the kids love to participate in selecting trees! Once you've chosen the perfect tree(s) we tag them and then prepare them for you. We are happy to deliver your new trees and our tree spade can make quick work out of planting chores.

Make plans to visit Frazier Nursery today!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!

Frazier Nursery provides the following services:
  • Full line of trees and shrubs, offering several sizes
  • Wind Breaks
  • Delivery and planting
  • Tree spade work - fast and safe for your tree and your yard
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
  • Lawn seeding for new construction or remodeling jobs
  • Straw chopper for erosion control and mulching purposes
  • Asparagus - Pumpkins - Vegetables (seasonally)
Frazier Nursery uses a tree spade to plant trees.


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Spring has sprung!

Spring blossoms at Frazier Nursery
Welcome to spring 2014! After a brutal winter we're just as ready as you are to be outside.  

Just a short drive to quality.

Located just east of Vinton, Iowa, we're just a short drive away from Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Independence, and North Liberty.

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